Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

FAQs - Membership
How does Euro-Picks work?
Euro-Picks is a paid tips service. After making the payment you can access the tips from Euro-Picks on site INSTANTLY. The archive and results of Euro-Picks you can see in the Record section.
I know other services which charge cheaper rate. Why do you require at least 49 euro for a tip?
Firstly, we want to have only serious clients, not people who bet for fun. Secondly - because we do not want to have too many members, we provide exclusive tips to only 10 members per match day.
How can I register?
You can register by using clicking on the Register link. Select the payment plan, then fill in the form and make payment using Paypal.
How can I get picks?
After registration, you can login to your account and access the Picks IMMEDIATELY. You do not have to wait for the tips to be sent to you by email or SMS. We provide INSTANT access.
Do you have any memberships guarantee?
We offer guarantee that every single tips credits purchased to be winners, and nothing but winners! Should the results of any tips ended in draw or lose, the tips credits will not be deducted from your account. Your tips credits are only deducted for each winning tips you received from us. We call this - 100% Memberships Guarantee Satisfaction.
What can I do If I have some problems or question to Euro-Picks
Please send email to